Study In Denmark



Denmark, the happiest country on planet earth, offers a truly world class learning experience that blends academic excellence with an innovative culture for both teaching and research, minus the high pressure environment one would generally associate with higher studies abroad. With over a thousand years of history and culture and vast picturesque Scandinavian landscape to explore, each and every second of your stint as an international student in Denmark is sure to be real fun and worth cherishing for a lifetime.

  • Geographic region- Scandinavia
  • Capital- Copenhagen 1,280,371 (2016)
  • Area- 43,560 square kilometers
  • Population- 5,707,251 (2016)
  • Climate – Temperate climate, characterized by mild winters and cool summers
  • Official Languages – Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic, Germa
  • Form of Government –Constitutional monarchy
  • Other major cities- Aarhus 264.716, Odense 175.245 & Aalborg 112.194 (2016)
  • Currency- Danish Kroner
  • Country calling code +45
  • Gross domestic product- DKK 1,944 billion (2014)
  • Key industries – machinery and instruments, meat and dairy products pharmaceuticals, furniture and design, windmill
  • Major companies – Møller- Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg, TDC, Coloplast
  • Memberships – UN, OECD, EU, Nato, Schengen, OSCE, IMF, WTO and others.